Adult Easter Egg Hunt




The event will start at 6pm April April 11th and go until 12am or until all eggs have been redeemed. The cost is $25 per ticket, but like I had mentioned, that should be all you have to spend all evening as drinks, food, prizes and more are all hidden in the eggs scattered throughout the bar and patio area.


Must have your Egg Hunter Tshirt on to participate (This is included in the ticket purchase) we will need your size when you register online
You may only have 1 egg at a time (No hoarding) That egg must be redeemed at the bar or if you dont like the prize or drink in the egg you must pawn the egg off on another player or swap. (However, you need to accomplish this is up to the player) If you absolutely cannot find a way to get rid of an egg after 10 minutes you can surrender the egg to the bar but the prize or item in the egg will not be redeemed

No eggs will be hidden in Bravas or outside our designated areas (Don’t be bugging the poor normal people 😁)
The amount of eggs hidden will increase greatly as the people participating grow. (Example-2 people playing there will be 20 eggs. 20 people playing there will be 200)
Sponsors atm include Bravas, Brock’s, Malice’s Wonderland Entertainment, Art Uncorked, Bosie Brewing, and Paradise Creek Brewery. (More to come)


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